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Old feminine names from Quebec

A few days ago I stumbled upon this wonderful website, which chronicles a whooping 22000 old names from Quebec, Canada. Starting in 1978, Jean-Claude Huiraux began collecting names from hundreds of cemeteries in Quebec, dating mostly from the mid-19th to … Continue reading

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I’m not religious, but looking through a chronological list of Catholic saints recently, these female names caught my eye: AgrippinaAmmonariaAnatoliaAnthiaAnysiaApphiaAquilaAquilinaAscelinaAsteriaAthanasiaAureaBasilissaBelinaCasildaChelidoniaConsortiaCrispinaEmeritaEpiphaniaFebroniaFlorentinaGlyceriaHyacinthaImanaLeocadiaLeocritiaLiobaMenodoraMetrodoraMithildaNymphodoraOdiliaPerpetuaPomposaPotamiaenaPotamianaQuintaRosaliaSabinaSallustiaSarmataSavinaSenorinaSeraphiaSimforosaSinforosaSolangiaSperandeaSymphorosaTheodotaVitalina

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New additions

Some new girl name finds, added to the master lists: Acibella Adala Adelasia Adosinda Aetheria Aliénor Amalasontha Amalasuentha Amalaswintha Amalswinthe Amatilda Anonsuara Antonietta Apollodora Apollodota Arégonde Argentea Athenadora Bartolomea Benevolentia Casiodora Cistella Contessina Dianora Diodora Dionysia Elisenda Epaphra Epaphrodita Escarleth … Continue reading

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Interesting female character names from Italian operas

Compiled – like the French names earlier – from the over 500 Wikipedia articles on Italian opera. Adonella Agilea Almira Altichiara Amaltea Amarilli Amastre Amenaide Antonina Aramanta Argelia Aristea Armida Arminda Armira Arsamene Artemia Aspasia Asteria Atamira

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Unusual (last update: Oct. 04 ’12)

Acibella Adabel Adala Adalene Adalia Adalisa Adamina Adara Adarna Adelaida Adelais Adelaisa Adelasia Adeleisa Adelida Adelisa Adelisia Adella Adelpha Adelysia Adeodata

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Usable (last update: Sept. 8 ’11)

Seeing how my interest in names has A) gravitated almost exclusively to feminine names (sorry, boys) and B) away from usable, towards more unusual ones, from different countries or ages (medieval, ancient world), I figured it might be a good … Continue reading

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Some interesting feminine names from French language operas

I will probably do more of these posts from now on. Italian opera, maybe? Ballet character names? But for now, happy scrolling: Almaviva Amazily Amélite Arthémise Asphodèle Astrée

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Girls Master List (last update: Oct. 04 ’12)

Abelina Abilene Acibella Ada Adabel Adala Adalene Adalia Adalisa Adamina Adara Adarna Adela Adéla Adelaida Adélaïde Adelaide Adelais Adelaisa Adelasia Adele

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Boys Master List

Ace Adlai Aeneas Aengus Alexander Alexandre Alphonse Amadeo Amadeus Ambrose Amedeo Amos

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I (probably) won’t blog here, I just needed a place to park my name list online. Have fun scrolling.

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